Midair collision.
PIC: ATP, Part 91.
Mato Grosso, Brazil.
Embraer Legacy/Boeing 737.
NTSB comment letter.

Brazilian authorities and NTSB completed the investigation into the midair collision of an Embraer Legacy operated by Excelaire and a Boeing 737 operated by Gol Airlines on 09-26-06 over the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil. NTSB determined a probable cause from evidence collected during the investigation as it assisted the Brazilian Center for Aeronautical Accident Investigation and Prevention (CENIPA). Several factors were listed by NTSB as causing the midair collision between the 2 aircraft, which ended up on the same airway traveling in opposite directions at the same altitude.

According to NTSB "the loss of effective air traffic control was not the result of a single error but of a combination of numerous individual and institutional ATC factors, which reflected systemic shortcomings in emphasis on positive air traffic control concepts." A causal factor included in the report was the Legacy crew's inadvertent deactivation of the transponder preventing the anti-collision warning system from functioning. Loss of communication between the Legacy's crew and ATC for an extended period was also cited as a factor.

Jet fuel in light twin.
PIC: ATP, Part 91.
AAO (Jabara, Wichita KS).
Cessna 421C.
Prelim report (3 injured).

Shortly after takeoff from AAO on the morning of 01-30-09, a Cessna 421C sustained substantial damage after completing a forced landing in a field. Having performed a standard preflight the pilot loaded the passengers and taxied out. He stated that throughout the run-up all indications appeared normal and that all instruments were "in the green" during the takeoff roll. After passing 3000 ft MSL the aircraft lost power.

The pilot noticed the props were still spinning at 2800 rpm but not producing power. While conducting an emergency return to the airfield the pilot attempted to troubleshoot the engines. When he realized he would not make it back to the airport he elected to perform an off-airfield landing in a field. The pilot maneuvered around power lines and skidded gear-up to a stop. All on board received only minor injuries in the landing. The pilot exited the aircraft and called for emergency services. A post-accident inspection found that Jet A was mixed with the 100LL in the fuel tanks. Line personnel admitted to fueling the aircraft with Jet-A the night before.

Ski plane crash on takeoff.
PIC: Unreported.
YVC (La Ronge SK, Canada).
de Havilland DHC6 Twin Otter.
Prelim report (no injuries).

Following an attempted takeoff from YVC on the morning of 02-04-09, a ski-equipped DHC6 Twin Otter was substantially damaged when it struck a fence and trees. The nonscheduled passenger flight was taking off in the snow adjacent to Runway 36. Witnesses said the left wing appeared to be high as the aircraft was taking off. It then turned hard right and ran into the fence and trees next to the runway area.

Helicopter wire strike.
PIC: Comm, Part 91.
Monroe NC.
Hughes OH6A.
Prelim report (2 killed).

While practicing power line observations on 01-22-09, both pilots of a Hughes OH6A were killed and the helicopter substantially damaged when it struck high-tension power lines near Monroe NC. During the VMC instructional flight a witness saw the helicopter flying low near the accident site with no abnormal sounds. One person said he saw the helicopter hit the wires while he was standing outside his business. He said he saw blue flashes and heard a loud boom, then saw the helicopter hit the ground.

Gear-up landing.
PIC: Unreported.
OVB (Novosibirsk-Tolmachevo, Russia).
Cessna Citation 560.
Prelim report (no injuries).

A Citation 560 was slightly damaged during an emergency landing with an unsafe gear indication on 01-27-09. The air ambulance flight was enroute INN (Innsbruck, Austria)-BAX (Barnaul, Russia) and had already made intermediate stops at SVO (Sheremetyevo, Moscow,Russia) and CEK (Chelyabinsk, Russia). When the crew discovered they could not obtain a down-and-lock indication on the main landing gear, they diverted to OVB and performed 3 fly-bys for airport personnel to ascertain the gear position. After confirming the main gear was not down, the crew performed a nose gear down, main gear up landing.

Helicopter treetop cutter crash.
PIC: Unreported.
Joensuu, Finland.
Hughes 369D.
Prelim report (1 injured).

On the afternoon of 02-05-09, a Hughes 369D received substantial damage after crashing to the ground near Joensuu, Finland. The helicopter was trimming trees near power lines with a motorized saw under the belly of the aircraft when it fell to the ground from an altitude of 65 ft. Cause of the crash has not been determined. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reports constitute the primary source materials for Professional Pilot Accident Reports.