Embraer Legacy 600: $25.41 mil, Mach .80, FL4

Priced for success, supermidsize jet combines comfort, performance, range and reliability.10, 3400 nm, 10-14 seats

Systems, warranty and training

(T) A large and finely crafted galley handles inflight catering requirements easily even for fully-loaded departures. (B) At 240 cu ft, the Legacy 600 offers the largest-in-class inflight accessible baggage area.

Legacy 600 fuel system includes 2 wing tanks and 4 fuselage tanks with 2712 gallons of usable fuel.

Two engine-driven hydraulic pumps, plus an electrically-driven pump, provide 3000-psi pressure to operate main door, ailerons, spoilers, nosewheel steering, landing gear, brakes and thrust reversers.

Elevators are mechanically actuated while ailerons and rudder are hydraulically assisted. Landing gear is strong airline quality with antiskid brakes. Honeywell Primus 1000 flightdeck incorporates five 8 x 7-in CRT displays with 2 PFDs, 2 MFDs and 1 EICAS display with reversionary capabilities.

Electrical system features four 400-amp 28-volt DC engine generators plus a 400-amp 28-volt DC Hamilton-Sundstrand APS500R APU. Pressurization system provides an 8.4 psi differential for an 8000-ft cabin at FL 410.

Bleed air anti-ice is provided to leading edges, nacelle inlets and windshields while the Legacy 600 oxygen system encompasses a 50 cu ft tank for crew and 115 cu ft tank for passengers. An optional 77 cu ft oxygen tank is offered.

Warranty is 5 years/5000 hrs on the airframe, the same on avionics, 5 years/3000 hrs/6000 cycles on the APU, 3 years on other vendor systems, 2 years on interior and 2 years/1000 hrs on paint.

Flight training, with FAA-approved Level D simulators, is provided for 2 pilots. Embraer has a proud history in product support and has quickly built up capabilities on the executive jet front with 40 service centers worldwide and a new dedicated Executive Care program just for private operators.


The Legacy 600 is a sophisticated business jet with rugged, well-proven systems and a high degree of durability considering the airline experience gained on the ERJ135. AE3007 A1E turbofans are on condition and represent both proven technology and a mature engine core.

Options I believe most operators are going to want are CMC PilotView EFBs and Inmarsat Swift64 high-speed connectivity back in the passenger cabin. Particularly affordable for its class, the Legacy 600 is a lot of airplane for the money.

If you're not regularly making trips over 3000 nm it will be just perfect for many operations. Pilots, I believe, will find the Legacy 600 a sophisticated platform and I think they'll be happy with this aircraft even if they never move up to anything else during their careers.

Traditional corporate flight departments, and charter companies, are looking for lower operating costs these days while not sacrificing cabin capacity or comfort. The Legacy 600 certainly fills the bill and redefines cabin comfort in a supermidsize priced transport.

I'd love to have a few Legacy 600s in the CLA managed fleet! They'd charter out at a similar rate to a G450 while being much less expensive to buy and operate. The Legacy 600, in my opinion, will continue to be a win-win proposition for many operators.

Clay Lacy, founder of Clay Lacy Aviation at VNY (Van Nuys CA), is a highly experienced pilot who has been performing flightchecks and writing other articles for Pro Pilot since May 1997.




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