Dassault's 4000-nm Falcon 2000LX has received FAA and EASA certification. First delivery is slated for early May. The 2000LX offers the same interior and flightdeck as the 2000EX EASy, but has the capability to serve more extensive city pairs, such as New York-Moscow, Paris-Mumbai and Hong Kong-Brisbane, nonstop. It also offers a 10-15% climb speed improvement over the 2000EX, allowing it to reach FL 410 in 18 minutes. Aviation Partners developed a high-Mach blended winglet specifically for the 2000LX wing. Coupled with other wing modifications the final result is a baseline wingspan 6 ft 9 in longer than that of the 2000EX while adding minimal weight. Power for the Falcon 2000LX comes from 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308C engines-the same as the 2000EX-rated at 7000 lbs apiece.

Pilatus delivered the 900th PC12 on Apr 30. Owner Ron Roma accepted the keys to the new aircraft his 5th PC12 from Epps Aviation Pres Pat Epps during a ceremony at the company's US headquarters at BJC (Rocky Mountain, Denver CO). Epps Aviation, based at PDK (Dekalb-Peachtree, Atlanta GA), is Pilatus's factory authorized center for the southeastern US.

Honda Aircraft is delaying the start of flight testing of its HondaJet until Jan 2010, citing delays in delivery of critical components and subassemblies from suppliers. First HondaJet customer deliveries are now scheduled to take place in 4Q2011-a year later than previously planned-following projected FAA certification.


Embraer has established a 4-year partnership with Volvo Aero Services at BCT (Boca Raton FL), which will promote and sell Embraer OEM aircraft parts as an official distribution center. The initial agreement includes around 4000 part numbers for the EMB110 Bandeirante, EMB120 Brasilia and ERJ145 jet family, but Embraer is working to expand the deal to cover surpluses from its production activities.

Dallas Airmotive BBA Aviation's engine repair and overhaul company has opened a new sales and service headquarters near PLU (Pampulha, Belo Horizonte MG, Brazil). Initially, Dallas Airmotive do Brasil will support military, commercial, business and GA aircraft with technical assistance, import/export management, logistics, field service and LRU stocking. Dallas Airmotive also operates facilities at 2 locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth TX area as well as its Premier Turbines division in Neosho MO and its H+S Aviation affiliate in Portsmouth, England.

Lombardo delivers message to Aero Club of Washington

Gulfstream Aerospace Pres Joe Lombardo was the guest speaker at the Aero Club of Washington's May 26 luncheon. Noting that public criticism of business aviation earlier this year had taken the community largely unawares, Lombardo declared that industry's initial reaction had been "disparate and, at times, confusing." In contrast, he observed, the raft of pro-business aviation initiatives launched by OEMs and associations in February was starting to produce the desired effect in Washington. Lombardo emphasized the considerable benefits of business aviation to the US and world economies and underscored the need for a strategic commitment to ongoing research and development. -Phil Rose

Flight handling

Air Routing Intl (ARI) has enhanced the customer interface on its AiRMET Weather website, including updated weather graphics. AiRMET Weather provides subscribers with a wide range of worldwide weather charts, including looping flight level winds, infrared and visible satellite images, and significant weather charts.

ARI also has a new online international service. Trip Quotes lets charter operations and flight departments receive a comprehensive trip quote instantly and accurately. Available 24/7, it also allows customers to determine ARI arrangement fees, international third-party charges and estimated fuel costs before planning a trip. Another new aspect of this service-Fuel Stop Analyzer-plots a great circle route and locates airports along the path for tech stops. In addition, it compares fuel prices at each location and highlights preferred airports and locations the client stopped at in the past.


US-based Lufthansa Technik Component Services (LTCS) is now a certified repair station for maintenance, repair and overhaul for Sennheiser's commercial aviation customers. Under an agreement signed at the end of February, LTCS will handle Sennheiser aviation products throughout the Americas, including warranties for headphones and headsets.

Executive Air Taxi at BIS (Bismarck ND) has bought MOT (Minot ND)-based M&M Avionics. Under the purchase agreement, John Martin, one of M&M's principals, is joining Executive Air as avionics dept mgr. With this addition, Executive Air Taxi services include full service FBO, fuel sales, aircraft management, charter and maintenance, interior completion and refurbishing, avionics sales, service and installations, parts sales, flight instruction, air freight and helicopter EMS.

FAA has granted Garmin the first ever approved model list STC (AML-STC) for Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) avionics installed in a helicopter. The AML-STC is for installation of the Garmin GNS400W/ 500W series, and includes approval for IFR flight and steep approach lateral precision with vertical (LPV) guidance.

GNS400W/500W units use satellite-based navaids for precise lateral and vertical approach guidance-similar to ILS operations-without the need for ground-based navaids. FAA has already published more than 1500 LPV and 5600 LNAV and LNAV/VNAV approach procedures, which exceed the number of ILS approaches.



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