Av Hazard publicizes safety and operational concerns to help prevent accidents but it works only if we hear from you. Use the postage-free Av Hazard card to describe the hazard and return it to Pro Pilot. To obtain an official FAA review send NASA an ASRS form. For immediate action, call the airport, FBO, ATC, FSDO or the 24-hr FAA Safety Hotline at 800-255-1111. Note: Telephone numbers for all US Towers and ARTCCs are published in Ac-U-Kwik and Pilots Express Airport/Heliport/FBO directories. To report safety concerns outside the US, contact ICAO HQ at 514-954-8219 or via fax at 514-954-6077. ICAO has worldwide telephone and fax numbers to expedite Av Hazard reports to civil aviation authorities.

Position and hold

In the not too distant past, position-and-hold clearances were an accident looking for a place to happen. Today, such clearances are given less often and with discretion and are generally of very short duration. Controllers are good at giving the reason and expected time of hold. Pilots are getting much better at full clearance readbacks that enhance situational awareness for all, eg, the pilot reading back, "N12345 position and hold 24" or "N45678 cleared for takeoff 24" instead of saying "Roger," "Here we go" or just clicking the mike to acknowledge a takeoff clearance.
__ATP, Hawker 800XP

Runway damage at ZNZ

While performing a back track for departure from ZNZ (Zanzibar, Tanzania), we noticed a large hole on the right side of the runway with hundreds of pieces of debris around. We spotted this from the flightdeck at approximately 600 meters from the Rwy 36 threshold. After we advised ATC but received no reply, we taxied back to the apron. ZNZ Rwy 36 is often visited by Airbus A330s, Boeing 767s and 757s. The pavement classification number (PCN) shows that these airplanes can operate there, but at least once a month the runway suffers damage after these large birds land. More serious measurement of the PCN should be performed and use of the airport should be limited to applicable aircraft.
__ATP, Boeing 757/767