Forced landing.
PIC: ATP, Part 135.
Yeehaw Junction FL.
King Air C90A.
Prelim report (no injuries).

A King Air C90A made a hard landing in a field after both engines flamed out enroute from 07FA (Key Largo FL), to ORL (Exec, Orlando FL) on 05-25-09. While over the Miami area the Part 135 flightcrew noticed an amber crossfeed light illuminated. The crew read the checklist for boost pump failure but did not comply with the checklist and did not change the fuel control configuration. In the report the PIC stated he saw no need for urgency and continued to the destination without monitoring the fuel gauges.

After descending to 10,000 ft and 15 min from ORL, the crew noticed red low fuel pressure warning lights illuminated. This was followed immediately by loss of power in both engines. The PIC was able to restart the left engine temporarily but, while attempting to restart the right engine, the left engine failed again. The PIC lowered the gear and maneuvered the airplane to land in an open field. It landed hard, bounced back in the air and came to rest upright. NTSB found 58 oz of fuel in the right wing tanks and 50 gal of jet fuel in the left wing tanks.

Midair collision.
PIC: ATP/CFI, Part 91.
Long Beach CA.
Cessna 310/Cessna 172.
Prelim report (3 killed).

A Cessna 310P and a Cessna 172N were destroyed on 05-18-09 when the 2 aircraft collided in flight over the Pacific Ocean approximately 5 miles south of Long Beach CA. The Cessna 172 was piloted by a CFI and a student pilot. A witness flying another airplane in the area stated he saw the 172 man­euvering and altered course to remain clear of it. He then noticed another aircraft in the area but could not identify it. The second aircraft was traveling at high speed and collided with the 172. Weather was VMC at the time.

Crash on short final.
PIC: unreported.
King Air 350.
BPS (Porto Seguro, Brazil).
Prelim report (14 killed).

While on short final into BPS (Porto Seguro BA, Brazil) on 05-23-09, a Raytheon King Air 350 hit the ground and was destroyed, killing the pilot and all 13 pax on board. The flight had departed CGH (Congonhas, São Paulo SP, Brazil). Impact occurred 200 meters from the threshold of Rwy 15 at BPS.

Loss of separation.
PIC: ATP Part 121.
ORD (O’Hare, Chicago IL).
MD80/Boeing 757.
Prelim report (no injuries).

On 06-01-09, an American Airlines MD82, being radar vectored to Run­way 28 at ORD, overshot the final approach, conflicting with an American Airlines Boeing 757 on final approach for Rwy 27L. ATC did not ob­serve the aircraft pass through the final approach course and the MD82 continued northbound. Lateral separation between aircraft was reduced to 0.35 nm, while vertical separation was 0 ft.

Crash while returning to land.
PIC: unreported.
VER (Veracruz, Mexico).
Cessna 340.
Prelim report (3 killed).

On 05-05-09, a Cessna 340 crashed shortly after takeoff from VER (Veracruz, Mexico) on a flight destined for MFE (Mc­Allen TX). The pilot had asked ATC to return for landing and had received clearance to land.