Crash after departure.
PIC: Not reported.
YGO (God's Lake Narrows MB, Canada).
Beech King Air 100.
Prelim report (5 injured).

Shortly after departure on the evening of Nov 22, 2008, a King Air crashed near YGO (God's Lake Narrows MB, Canada) and was destroyed by the post-crash fire. The flight was being conducted as an air ambulance operation with 5 people on board.

Crash after takeoff.
PIC: Not reported.
BHS (Bathurst NSW, Australia).
Piper Navajo.
Prelim Report (4 killed).

Immediately after departing from BHS (Bathurst NSW, Australia), on Nov 7, 2008 at around 8:30 pm, a Piper Navajo crashed into a hill. On board were the pilot and 3 passengers. According to a Nov 8 report on The Australian news website, no mayday call was made prior to the crash. The Australian Transportation Safety Board is still conducting an investigation.

Prop pitch control disconnect.
PIC: ATP, Part 135.
OOK (Toksook Bay AK).
CASA C212.
Prelim report (2 injured).

During approach into OOK (Toksook Bay AK) on Nov 1, 2008, a CASA C212 crew had to force the airplane down when they lost power control to the right engine. The 2-pilot crew departed BET (Bethel AK) on an IFR flightplan, transitioning to VFR after the weather improved significantly. In a discussion with NTSB, the pilot stated that his first officer was in control of the aircraft. While turning base to final, she adjusted power for the approach and noticed that the right engine did not respond. When the airplane started to yaw right, the captain assumed control, applying full power as he attempted a go-around. The yaw worsened and the aircraft began to lose altitude quickly. Despite applying full left rudder and aileron, he could not regain control. In the attempted crash landing, the right main gear and nose struck the ground first. Post-accident inspection by FAA revealed a disconnected linkage between the power control lever and the propeller pitch control. With the linkage disconnected, the fuel control was found in a "flight idle" position.

Power loss. PIC:
Comm, public use.
Quitman AR.
Bell OH58C.
Prelim report (1 killed).

An OH58C operated by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission lost power and crashed in the early hours of Nov 16, 2008. According to the pilot, he and an observer were patrolling for illegal deer hunters, or "spotlighters," and using night vision goggles when he received a low-rotor-rpm warning. When the pilot was unable to recover the aircraft, it crashed nose-first, killing the passenger. All linkage to the rotor hub was still intact, and a preliminary crash report filed by NTSB offered no cause for the power loss.

Wake turbulence crash.
PIC: Not reported.
MEX (Intl, Mexico City, Mexico).
Learjet 45.
Prelim report (9 on board killed).

Trailing a Boeing 767 on final approach into MEX (Intl, Mexico City, Mexico) on Nov 4, 2008, a Learjet 45 was caught in the larger jet's wake turbulence and crashed into a street. The pilot had been instructed to contact MEX Tower after passing MATEO VOR. According to ATC he did so, but MEX tower said they hadn't received any transmissions from the aircraft. All on board the aircraft were killed in the crash. According to initial reports 14 people on the ground were killed and another 40 were injured.

Taxiway incursion with vehicle.
PIC: ATP, Part 91.
LAX (Intl, Los Angeles CA).
Citation Sovereign.
Prelim report (No injuries).

A Cessna Citation Sovereign collided with a vehicle while the pilot taxied to parking at LAX (Los Angeles CA) on Nov 11, 2008. The pilot was cleared to taxi to parking via Taxiway A. The pilot reported completing a turn at intersection A5 and then feeling a large impact. The driver of the vehicle provided a written statement to NTSB in which he reported that he was driving westbound on a service road running parallel to Taxiway A when he noticed his flight departing on Runway 25. "I noticed my flight ... departing on [Rwy] 25R and briefly looked in that direction," he said. "When I looked back to the road, immediately in front of me was an aircraft." He said he locked up the brakes and stopped but the aircraft's left wing struck the windshield and tipped the car over. The site of the accident was a non-movement area where the service road and taxiway intersect next to the aircraft ramp.

Amphibian crash.
PIC: Unreported.
Vancouver BC, Canada.
Grumman G21A Goose.
Prelim report (7 killed, 1 injured).

On Nov 16, 2008, a Grumman G21A Goose was destroyed when it crashed into trees and caught fire. Initial cause of the accident has not been determined and the crash is under investigation by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada. The pilot and 6 of the passengers were killed in the accident and 1 passenger was seriously injured.

Crash on approach in icing.
PIC: Comm, Part 135.
PKA (Napaskiak AK).
Cessna 207.
Prelim report (1 injured).

While maneuvering to land at PKA (Napaskiak AK) on Nov 14, 2008, a Cessna 207 crashed short of the runway under icing conditions. Shortly after departing AQH (Quinhagak AK), the pilot had diverted from his original destination of BET (Bethel AK) due to poor weather and planned for a landing at PKA. While conducting a left descending turn for final to Runway 2, the aircraft stalled and crashed about 250 ft short of the runway. The previous leg of the flight had been diverted from EEK (Eek AK) due to bad weather. The pilot noted icing conditions during the flight to AQH and deiced the airplane prior to his departure. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reports constitute the primary source materials for Professional Pilot Accident Reports.