Power loss at night.
PIC: ATP, Part 135.
Blythe CA.
AgustaWestland A119.
Prelim report (no injuries).

No one was injured when the pilot of an AgustaWestland A119 made an emergency landing at night after a power loss while in cruise flight near Blythe CA on 10-22-09. According to the director of operations, the Part 135 EMS flight was enroute to a Palms Springs hospital when the pilot stated the rotor rpm began to decay. After several attempts to regain the correct rpm, the pilot executed an autorotation in night conditions and landed hard. The tail boom separated from the fuselage and all 5 occupants exited the helicopter without incident.

Citation strikes runway sign.
PIC: Unreported, Public use.
NZY (North Island NAS, San Diego CA).
Citation 550.
Prelim report (no injuries).

During its takeoff roll on 10-08-09, a Cessna Citation 550 operated by US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) received substantial damage when the right wing struck a runway distance-remaining sign. According to information released by CBP, the crew taxied onto Rwy 18 at NZY (North Island NAS, San Diego CA) after being cleared for take­off. The left-seat pilot taxied across Rwy 18 and began the takeoff roll from the right side of the runway. The right-seat pilot notified the left-seat pilot that a runway distance-remaining sign was in their path and that he needed to swerve left to avoid the obstacle. The left-seat pilot initiated a left correction but not before hitting the runway sign with the outboard section of the right wing. The crew continued the takeoff and subsequently made a decision to return to NZY where an uneventful landing was made. VMC existed at the time of the accident.

Unsafe gear collapse on rollout.
PIC: Comm, Part 91.
CDC (Cedar City UT).
Rockwell Commander 690.
Prelim report (no injuries).

During its landing rollout at CDC (Cedar City UT) on 10-21-09, a Rockwell Commander 690 was substantially damaged when the right main landing gear collapsed. The pilot reported to NTSB that he was on approach to MLF (Milford UT) to pick up passengers when he observed an unsafe gear indication after lowering the gear. He stated that he completed the emergency procedure as required in the AFM, but the gear would not lock down and show a safe gear indication. He returned to his departure field, CDC, and had completed the landing when the right main landing gear collapsed on rollout. The aircraft slid off the runway and came to rest in an adjacent dirt area.

Descent below MDA.
PIC: Comm, Public use.
District Heights MD.
Aérospatiale SA365N1.
Final report (4 killed, 1 injured).

NTSB issued its final report on the Sep 27, 2008 fatal accident of an Aérospatiale (Eurocopter) SA365N1 Dauphin registered to and operated by Maryland State Police. The report states that the pilot failed to maintain altitude and descended below the MDA while conducting an IMC night ILS approach. The pilot had radioed he was not receiving a reliable glideslope indication and was transitioning to a localizer approach. NTSB determined that the pilot was attempting to regain VMC and placed the helicopter in a rapid descent. He did not arrest the descent before going below the minimum altitude for the nonprecision approach and hit trees 3.2 miles north of Rwy 19R at ADW (Andrews AFB, Camp Springs MD). The pilot had diverted to ADW from his original destination—Prince George’s Hospital Center, Cheverly MD—due to weather.

CFIT ends wildlife tracking.
PIC: Comm, Part 91.
Healy AK.
Cessna 185.
Prelim report (1 killed, 1 injured).

While circling low to take photographs of wolves in the wild on 10-14-09, a Cessna A185E was destroyed when it impacted trees and terrain 28 miles west of Healy AK. The pilot reported that the flight was to track wolves with radio telemetry. The passenger, a biologist, was taking pictures when the airplane hit the trees. He was killed, while the pilot survived and stayed with the airplane overnight.

Dual engine failure.
PIC: Comm, Part 91.
Aurora TX.
Beech King Air 100.
Prelim report (4 injured).

On 10-06-09, a Beech King Air B100 sustained substantial damage when it impacted terrain near Aurora TX. The aircraft had departed PWA (Wiley Post, Oklahoma City OK) and was enroute FTW (Meacham, Fort Worth TX) when it experienced a dual engine failure. The pilot was on an IFR flightplan and VMC existed at the time of the accident. Witnesses reported hearing “popping sounds” during the descent and said that the propellers were still turning prior to impact, though there were no eye witnesses to the actual crash.