Hawker 4000: $21 mil, Mach .84, FL450, 3280 nm, 8–10 seats

Recently certified with deliveries accumulating, 4000 boasts Primus Epic, 2 PW308As, 1600-lb payload with full fuel.

Hawker Beechcraft
Hawker 4000 specifications

Basic equipped ($ mil US)
(2) PW&C PW308A Takeoff thrust (lbs ea)
61 ft 9 in
External length
69 ft 6 in
External height
19 ft 9 in
Internal cabin length
25 ft 0 in
Cabin max width
6 ft 5.5 in
Internal cabin height
6 ft 0 in
Volume (cu ft)  
Cabin, inc lavatory & baggage
Normal seating, crew/pax
Weights and loading  
MTOW (lbs)
Zero fuel weight
Basic operating weight
Max payload
Payload full fuel
Max fuel load
Balanced field length (SL, ISA, MTOW) (ft)
Landing distance (SL, ISA, MLW)
Max altitude
Pressurization diff (PSI)
Range (NBAA, IFR) (nm)
Max range (IFR, ISA)
Cruise speed
M 0.82
Max cruise speed
M 0.84
M 0.80
Vso (KIAS)

Figures supplied by Hawker Beechcraft


Fuel system is simple with just 2 wing tanks each feeding respective engine and has cross flow. Hyd­raulic system consists of 2 independent 3000-psi systems plus an aux system.

2 engine-driven AC generators provide electrical power and APU mounted generator which can be operated to FL 340.

Cabin, flightdeck and baggage areas can be pressurized to 9.64 psi to achieve a 6000-ft cabin at FL 450.Anti-ice systems include bleed air heat for the leading edges and engine inlets, electrical anti-ice for windshields and an electromagnetic expulsive deicing (EMED) for horizontal stabilizers.

Cabin interior offers 912 cu ft (not including rear baggage compartment) with a standard double-club layout.

Hawker Beechcraft is now building all Hawker 4000 hand crafted interiors at its Little Rock AR completion facility and the quality is first rate.

Initial pilot training involves 3 weeks at FlightSafety Intl Wichita KS, where a second full-motion simulator will soon be online.

The Hawker 4000 comes with a 10-year/10,000-hr airframe warranty, 5 years/3000 hrs on the PW308A engine, nacelle and target-type reversers and 5 years for the Honey­well Epic avionics suite.

Parts not manufactured by Hawker Beechcraft are covered for 5 years/5000 hrs with warranty for 2 years, and 800 hrs for exterior paint and interior items.

SupportPlus, a parts and labor program, is offered for $250/hr while Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Eagle engine only service plan runs $369/hr. Maintenance intervals, at 600 hrs, translate into time and cost savings for operators.


The Hawker 4000 flies as nice as any corporate aircraft I’ve had the pleasure to fly and it has a lot of exceptional features.

While it’s true that the 4000 was slow out of the door in the popular supermidsize category and it has many strong competitors—particularly the well-established Challenger 300—I predict a great future for this aircraft.

It certainly meets the competition in terms of range, cabin comfort and operating economics.

If you’re contemplating a supermidsize, or even a large aircraft purchase, the Hawker 4000 is an airplane you must consider.

Resisting the temptation of a barrel roll on approach, Lacy prepares for his first landing at BFL (Bakersfield CA).

I predict that when the global economy comes back on track this category of corporate aircraft will be in high demand.

Many operators of large aircraft are moving to supermidsize to save on operating costs while enjoying similar cabin comfort.

Unless you’re flying big loads, or routinely very long intercontinental missions, the supermidsize option provides most operators with all they’re looking for. I’d love to operate a couple of managed Hawker 4000s on charter.

Clay Lacy, founder of Clay Lacy Aviation at VNY (Van Nuys CA), is a highly experienced pilot who has been performing flightchecks and writing other articles for Pro Pilot since May 1997.


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