Gulfstream is adding Morro Vermelho Taxi Aereo in Sao Paulo SP, Brazil to its international parts distribution network. The move will support Gulfstream operators in South America.

Charter & Mgmt

Sentient Flight Group has sold its jet membership, retail charter brokerage and fuel management units to Macquarie Global Opportunities Partners (MGOP). Former Sentient Jet Holdings CEO Steven Hankin will lead these units under MGOP ownership. The company's aircraft management, charter operations will be combined under the title Sentient Flight Group. This new company, headed by Pres & CEO Jake Cartwright, will handle the company's Part 135 operations and its fleet of nearly 300 aircraft. While Sentient Flight Group's service units have been sold to MGOP, the 2 new companies will continue to cooperate to provide Sentient customers and clients with the same services as before.

Virgin Charter has developed a global distribution system (GDS) for its private jet charters. The system will allow customers to view real-time quotes for flights offered on the Virgin Charter network, and let them manage flights. Using GDS, customers will be connected with multiple operators, and real-time pricing will let them decide more easily which best fits their needs.

Avionics is offering free downloadable airport/FBO guide software for PDAs. Flt Deck contains pertinent information on 5000 airports and FBOs in the US and Canada. It can be downloaded from the company's website or iTunes and works on iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm Treo, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry Pearl, Curve and 8800 series laptops and most EFBs.

Avidyne is integrating a Max-Viz enhanced flight vision system (EFVS) with the Entegra integrated flightdeck line. The new system includes synthetic vision (SVS) capabilities paired with EFVS in a single 15-in display. Commercial launch of the new Entegra system is planned for 2009. Avidyne Dir Corporate Marketing Tom Harper says the company is targeting the product at high-end Part 23 and low-end Part 25 OEMs.

Aspen Avionics has launched a new weather receiver for its Evolution line of primary flight displays (PFDs) and multifunction displays (MFDs). The Evolution weather receiver works with XM satellite weather to generate a representation of hazardous weather around the user's aircraft. This information is layered above a sectional-style moving map. It will be made available as an option with Evolution PFDs and MFDs or as an upgrade to existing Evolution systems.

Honeywell has announced 3 new MFDs under the Bendix/King AV8OR series. The 3 units-the Handheld, Horizon 3D and Vision 3D-offer GPS, synthetic vision, airport charts and approach plates. They also displays flightplans, maintain flight logs and are compatible with WxWorx XM weather through either a wired or Bluetooth receiver. The AV8OR Handheld is also the first such unit to work as a GPS unit in cars. A 4GB hard drive and Bluetooth connectivity allow it to work as an MP3 and video player and to display eBooks. Horizon and Vision are designed specifically for the cockpit, Vision being the more "ruggedized" commercial-grade version of the two. Horizon is based on a Samsung tablet PC platform and qualifies as a Class I Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). It connects to the remote navigation unit through wireless communications. As a Class II EFB, Vision allows for an entirely paperless cockpit. It is designed to work purely as an EFB with the aid of a modular computing platform.

Universal Avionics will provide EFI890R glass displays and UNS1 Fw flight management systems to Hawker Beechcraft Corp for installation on Hawker Beechcraft 125-700B aircraft. They will also be available for the 800 series.

Midcoast Aviation is offering a BlackBerry connectivity kit. Following installation, passengers will be able to use their BlackBerry equipment in flight connecting via the aircraft's satcom system.


Rolls Royce has launched the RR500, a new turboprop for single and multiengine fixed-wing aircraft. Based on the RR300-which was developed for the Robinson R66-the RR500 is larger and more powerful. Capable of handling 10 different types of jet fuel-JP4/5/8, Jet A/ A1/B, UK Std 91-91, TS1, RT and GB6537-the engine may wean smaller aircraft away from LL100 gas. According to Rolls-Royce, the engine weighs 229 lbs installed, performs well with a 2:1 power-to-weight ratio and delivers 400 shp during takeoff. Rolls-Royce Pres Helicopters Ken Roberts says, "As long-term availability of avgas is a growing concern, we're bringing an engine to market that removes that worry [since] kerosene-based jet fuels are found worldwide." Rolls-Royce says it intends to have the RR500 on the market in less than 3 years.


Halcyon has named Gregory Cohen CEO and Craig Spitzer chairman. The company, a scheduler for air charter services, announced the new executives after former CEO Mitchell Blatt left the company to pursue other opportunities. Cohen, who founded the company in 2007, has also acted as executive producer of 2 films in the National Lampoon series.

Tony Marlow (L) and Amy Kaleikini have joined Castle & Cooke Aviation as general mgr and customer service mgr of the company's HNL (Honolulu, Oahu HI) FBO, respectively. Marlow comes from Hawker Beechcraft's service center at VNY (Van Nuys CA) where he served as general mgr, while Kaleikini was customer service mgr for Swissport Hawaii.

Gulfstream has announced several appointments. Todd Strong is now director of engineering and quality assurance at the company's LBA (Long Beach CA) facility. Since 1999, Strong has reorganized the company's engineering department. Barry Russel is now VP of customer support. He was previously VP and general mgr of Gulfstream LBA. In addition, Paul Lu has been appointed on-site program mgr for parts suppliers for the G650 program. Gulfstream has also promoted Michele Nierenberg to dir systems integration engineering. Previously, she was mgr systems integration engineering and led the G450 powerplant and environmental control system.

Avidyne has appointed Mark Sindone as dir of customer services. He previously spent 3 years at AGL Resources in Atlanta GA as dir of customer logistics. The company has also appointed Tom Neufelder as VP of engineering. Before he joined Avidyne, Neufelder worked for General Electric Health Care.

Vector Helicopter Services has appointed Alan Fletcher as VP operations and Ronnie Kearns dir sales and customer support at its 79J (Andalusia AL) facility.

Air Routing Intl has hired former Air BP Marketing Mgr Scott Fowler as its chief marketing officer. Fowler spent the past 5 years working in Air BP's marketing department.

Margaret Jenny has been selected to be president of RTCA. Jenny previously served as CEO of MJF Strategies and VP of ARINC's corporate business development initiative. She succeeds Dave Watrous, who served as RTCA's president for 19 years.


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