Dual engine failure ditching.
PIC: ATP, Part 91.
North Bimini, Bahamas.
Aero Commander 500S. Prelim report (no injuries).

An Aero Commander 500S ditched into the Atlantic Ocean after experiencing a dual engine power loss about 1/2 mile south of North Bimini, Bahamas on 06-09-08. The VFR flight departed from NAS (Intl, Nassau, Bahamas) to FXE (Exec, Fort Lauderdale FL). After passing Bimini, the pilot reported that the right engine began to run rough and lose power. He turned southeast toward BIM (South Bimini, Bahamas) to enter a base leg for Runway 09. Shortly thereafter the left engine quit. The pilot ditched and was picked up by a pleasure boat. The pilot reported that he had taken on 25 gallons at NAS for a total of 90 gal of fuel on board.

EMS helicopter midair.
PIC: Not reported, Part 135.
Flagstaff AZ.
2 Bell 407s. Prelim report (7 killed).

Two Bell 407 helicopters collided in midair on 06-30-08 during an air ambulance flight. The accident occurred while enroute FMC (Flagstaff Medical Center, Flagstaff AZ). Both pilots had been informed of each other's presence in the airspace. All 7 people on board both helicopters were killed. Runway incursion. PIC: not reported, Part 91. TEB (Teterboro NJ). Falcon 200 and Cessna 172. Prelim report (no injuries). A runway incursion occurred at TEB (Teterboro NJ) involving a Cessna 172 and a Dassault Falcon 200 on 07-09-08. The 172 had just landed on Rwy 19 and requested to back taxi. The ground controller instructed the Cessna to taxi to Rwy 19 via Taxiway L, hold short of Rwy 19 but not intersect Rwy 24. The 172 had already crossed the hold line for Rwy 24 but was not over the runway edge when the tower controller cleared the Falcon 200 for takeoff on Rwy 24. The tower cancelled the Falcon's takeoff clearance-the closest proximity of the 2 aircraft was reported as 1200 ft.

Gear collapse.
PIC: ATP, Public use.
SLC (Intl, Salt Lake City UT).
Beechcraft King Air. Prelim report (no injuries).

Suffering a failed gear retraction, an FAA-operated Beechcraft King Air skidded to a stop after the pilot attempted to land back at SLC (Intl, Salt Lake City UT) on 07-21-08. The PIC reported raising the gear handle following takeoff from SLC, having verified a positive rate of climb. According to the pilot, the 3 red gear transit lights did not go out and he then attempted to recycle the gear without success. The pilot made a low pass over the airport and tower personnel stated the gear appeared to be down. The aircraft was directed to land on Rwy 35. After touchdown at approximately 45 kts with all landing gear partially retracted, the aircraft slid down the runway, causing substantial damage to the lower fuselage. Post accident examination revealed that the 60-amp thermal circuit breaker for the landing gear motor had tripped.

Fuselage failure.
PIC: not reported, Part 91.
Rockford IL.
Eclipse 500. Prelim report (no injuries).

On the afternoon of 07-21-08, the lower left wing-to-body fairing separated from an Eclipse 500 over Rockford IL. VMC prevailed at the time and the aircraft was on an IFR flightplan. The 2 pilots were the only occupants on this flight to PWK (Exec, Chicago IL). Helicopter CFIT after takeoff. PIC: PVT, Part 91. PUC (Price UT). Hughes 369D. Prelim report (3 killed). Shortly after takeoff on the afternoon of 07-19-08, a Hughes 369 hit the ground near PUC (Price UT). The pilot and 2 passengers were killed and the helicopter was destroyed by the impact and post-crash fire. The aircraft had departed the airport after a fishing trip in the area and, according to fueling records at the airport, the estimated fuel on board at take off was 35 gallons. One witness observed the flight depart toward the south and then turn to the west. The aircraft was last seen descending slightly at the airport boundary. No one witnessed the impact, but a fireball was spotted shortly after the helicopter departed. Exact aircraft weight could not be determined but was estimated as 200 lbs less than certified gross weight. The closest weather observation (at PUC) was winds variable at 4 kts, visibility 10 miles, skies clear, temperature 93degrees F. Field elevation for PUC is 5937 ft. Given the temperature and field elevation, density altitude was computed at 9330 ft msl.

Near midair, ORD.
PIC: ATP, Part 121 and 91.
ORD (O'Hare, Chicago IL).
Learjet 60 and ERJ145. Prelim report (no injuries).

While departing ORD (O'Hare, Chicago IL) on 07-21-08, an American Eagle Embraer ERJ145 experienced a near-midair involving a Learjet 60. Standard procedure for aircraft landing on ORD Runway 9R and departing Rwy 32L is that the flightpath for the arriving airplane to Rwy 9R passes over the flightpath of the departing airplane from Rwy 32L. According to FAA, the ERJ145 was departing Rwy 32L and the Learjet 60 was landing Rwy 9R. The developing incident was observed by the ORD local assistant/monitor for the local controller, who instructed the controller to tell the Learjet 60 to go around on Rwy 9R. The controller instructed the departing ERJ145 on Rwy 32L to stay low on departure. According to ground radar data analysis from the airport surface detection equipment (ASDE-X), the Learjet 60 passed 325 ft above and slightly behind the departing ERJ145. There were no reported injuries or damage to the aircraft. As a result of this incident, new procedures have been implemented for arrivals to ORD's Rwy 9R requiring specific coordination between approach control and the tower regarding whether Rwy 9R is in use.