Crash during go-around.
PIC: ATP, Part 135.
OWA (Owatonna MN).
Raytheon Hawker 800A.
Prelim report (8 killed).

A Hawker 800A was destroyed during an attempted go-around from Runway 30 at OWA (Owatonna MN) on 07-31-08. VMC prevailed at the time of the accident and the crew had already cancelled the IFR flight prior to attempting the landing. All on board the aircraft received fatal injuries when the aircraft hit the ground.

Crash after loss of power.
PIC: ATP, public use.
4SD (Stead, Reno NV).
Lockheed SP2H.
Prelim report (3 killed).

During the evening of 09-01-08, a Lockheed SP2H Neptune equipped for firefighting was destroyed on impact following a loss of power and subsequent loss of control just northwest of 4SD (Stead, Reno NV). The Part 137 flight was on a company flightplan when it departed the airport. A witness said that the taxi and takeoff sounded normal. After the aircraft reached 100-300 ft the witness noticed flames coming from the left jet engine, and then the left wing caught fire. The aircraft rolled to the left before hitting the ground and bursting into flames. During the initial investigation jet engine parts were found away from the wreckage and evidence of a power line strike was also found.

Bird strike.
PIC: not reported, Part 91.
JAS (Jasper TX).
Hawker Beechcraft King Air C90A.
Prelim report (no injuries).

On 08-14-08, a King Air C90A received minor damage from striking a large bird shortly after takeoff from JAS (Jasper TX). At approximately 300 ft the pilot noticed the bird slightly above and in front of the aircraft. He attempted an evasive maneuver but the bird dove toward the aircraft. After the bird struck the right wing, the pilot performed a controllability check and noticed a slight vibration from the right aileron. The pilot continued to BPT (Beaumont TX), 56 miles away, because of available emergency services. Damage was found to the right leading edge of the wing and 3 ribs.

Crash after takeoff.
PIC: Comm, Part 91.
CNY (Moab UT).
Hawker Beechcraft King Air A100.
Prelim report (10 killed).

Following takeoff on 08-22-08, a Beech A100 departing CNY (Moab UT) was destroyed when it collided with hilly terrain and caught fire. The pilot and 9 passengers were killed in the accident. The medical transport flight had departed in VMC with no flightplan filed, and was bound for CDC (Cedar City UT). Two witnesses at the airport stated that they heard no abnormal sounds during engine run up and takeoff. Neither witness saw the plane crash.

Collision with tractor.
PIC: ATP, Part 91.
RDG (Reading PA).
Cessna Citation 550.
Prelim report (no injuries).

A Cessna Citation 550 received substantial damage when it hit an agricultural tractor after landing at RDG (Reading PA) on 08-03-08. Only one controller was on duty at the airport as traffic did not necessitate 2 controllers. According to the pilot, the aircraft was cleared to land 8 miles out. The tractor had been cleared to cross Rwy 31 at Taxiway D. Experiencing difficulty with one of the mower wings, the driver raised it and proceeded onto the runway. He did not see the aircraft because he had looked away from the runway to make sure the blade was up. The Citation captain and first officer reported seeing the tractor just before impact.

Post-accident ground fire.
PIC: unreported, Part 91.
GDL (Guadalajara, Mexico).
Bombardier Learjet 35A.
Prelim report (no injuries).

On the afternoon of 08-02-08, a Learjet 35A suffered a collapsed gear on landing and post-incident ground fire sustaining substantial damage. The Mexican-registered aircraft was attempting a landing at GDL (Intl, Guadalajara, Mexico).