GAMA Environmental Committee

General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) has established an environmental committee to represent business aviation manufacturers in coordinating with other companies and organizations in the aerospace industry and with government entities in the establishment of environmental policies. Steven Ridolfi, a GAMA board member and president of Bombardier Business Aircraft, has been appointed chairman of the committee.

GAMA says it intends to "encourage rigorous, science-based analysis of issues related to aviation and the environment." GAMA also says it is working "to build support for more research and technology to further improve upon its long track record of reduction aviation's carbon footprint."

GAMA Pres & CEO Pete Bunce says his organization intends to become a leading source for environmental data concerning aviation, and notes that technological advances in business jet engines have produced a 50% improvement in specific fuel consumption since the first business jets were introduced in the 1960s.

Bunce says GAMA is already talking with government officials in Belgium, Brazil and Canada, as well as with US officials in Washington concerning environmental issues and business aviation.


Bombardier Safety Standdown Europe 08

Bombardier Business Aircraft Chief Pilot David Ryan (standing) opens Safety Standdown Europe 08. Seated are (L-R) Convergent Knowledge Solutions Pres & CEO Tony Kern, National Test Pilot School Dir Sean Roberts and Alertness Solutions Pres Mark Rosekind.

Safety Standdown Europe, in its second year in association with EBACE, attracted a record attendance of 150 pilots and 3 subject matter expert presenters May 19 at GVA (Geneva, Switzerland).

Bombardier's highly acclaimed Safety Standdown "War on Error," held annually in Wichita KS since 1996, made its European debut in Geneva last year. Safety Standdown--open to operators of any make or model of business aircraft--is a unique safety program aimed at reducing operator mistakes and human error which continue to account for approximately 80% of aircraft accidents.

This year's Safety Standdown Europe presenters included National Test Pilot School Dir Sean Roberts speaking on advanced aerodynamics, Convergent Knowledge Solutions Pres & CEO Tony Kern on professional airmanship, Alertness Solutions Pres Mark Rosekind on fatigue countermeasures and Bombardier Business Aircraft Learjet Chief Pilot David Ryan with a presentation on Safety Standdown fundamentals.

"EBACE provides us with the perfect platform to convey our safety message to the international aviation community," says Bombardier Business Aircraft Senior VP James Hoblyn.

"Bombardier Safety Standdown is a top level, one-of-a-kind seminar that offers pilots critical information not normally available in any other structured program." Core objective of Safety Standdown is raising aviation safety standards by developing knowledge-based training and by elevating industry awareness with respect to psychological, physiological, organizational and administrative factors impacting safety.

In 2006 Bombardier pledged another 10 years of support for the program and partnered with EBAA and NBAA to expand the program into Europe. Kern highlighted what he calls a fatal flaw in our thinking in that if you train someone to do something right you're simultaneously training them not to do it wrong.

This simple disconnect, Kern claims, is responsible for thousands of lost lives and billions in lost revenue every year in high-risk industries. Roberts points out that good pilots can panic in unusual attitude and upset situations. "We normally only operate at the edges of the envelope of what an aircraft will do," says Roberts.

"Going beyond these artificial limits, with upset recovery training, is important and builds confidence." Rosekind focused on physiological fatigue factors and offered a variety of effective alertness solutions. Ryan, meanwhile, delved into training and performance issues and the need to move beyond one-dimensional skills-based training. "An airplane might disappoint any pilot, but it will never surprise a good one," says Ryan.

Program evolution

Originally conceived as a safety-training event for Bombardier's Learjet flight demo team, the innovative conference quickly gained a reputation for excellence beyond Bombardier's customer base.

In year 2 the program was expanded to include Bombardier flight test pilots and, in year 3, Safety Standdown opened up to customers with a 76-person attendance including 50 customers. Last year the program attracted over 400 attendees to Wichita KS--50% Bombardier operators and 50% operators of other types of business aircraft--with 400 prospective attendees turned away due to space constraints at the training venue.

The US program has evolved over time with top subject matter experts and no distractions such as imbedded golf tournaments.

In 2008 the seminar, relocated to Kansas City MO, will accept over 550 attendees to meet overwhelming demand and incorporates a number of workshops including CPR, ditching and underwater egress and international procedures. Plan to attend Bombardier Safety Standdown Oct 20-23 in Kansas City MO, if you're stateside, and/or Bombardier Safety Standdown Europe in conjunction with EBACE May 11, 2009 at GVA. --Grant McLaren


Images taken by NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander's surface stereo imager on Jun 5--the 11th day after landing on Mars. (Main photo) Impressions made by robotic arm scoop, showing ice (white spots) beneath the soil. (Inset) Robotic arm scoop containing soil sample positioned over partially open door of craft's thermal and evolved-gas analyzer's number 4 cell or oven.


One Charter, of Hildenborough, England has signed a contract to manage an Eclipse 500 to be available for charter in the UK. The aircraft was scheduled for delivery in late 2Q08 and will initially be operated solely for its owner until the Eclipse is certified for commercial operation in the UK.

Jet Aviation has added a Dassault Falcon 900EX and a Gulfstream G550 to its charter fleet serving Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The Falcon is to be based at ZRH (Zurich, Switzerland) while the Gulfstream is to be based jointly at NRT (Narita, Tokyo Japan).


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