FAA, ADS-B program partners receive 07 Collier Trophy

FAA and its partners in the ADS-B program received the 2007 Collier Trophy at the Crystal City Marriott in Arlington VA on Jun 12.

This year's Robert J Collier Trophy was awarded to FAA and a 25-member industry and university team for automated dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B). The Collier Trophy is given annually "for the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America."

Selection of the FAA/industry team was a recognition of its conceptualizing, developing and initially implementing the next-generation performance-based air-to-ground, ground-to-air and air-to-air surveillance system.

(L-R) NAC Award & Events Board Chairman Steve Callagham. Acting FAA Administrator Robert Sturgell accepts Collier Trophy from NAA Pres & CEO Jonathan Gaffney.

The team included the Alaskan Aviation Coordination Council, ALPA, AOPA, Cargo Airline Association, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, FAA's Capstone Program Office, Office of Aviation Safety, Safe Flight 21 Program Office, Surveillance and Broadcast Services Office and William J Hughes Technical Center, Garmin AT, Independent Pilots Assn, Lockheed Martin Transportation and Security Solutions, MITRE Corp, NASA Ames Research Center and Langley Research Center, RTCA's Special Committee and ADS-B Working Group, Sensis, University of Alaska Aviation Technology and UPS.

(L-R) ITT Chairman Steven Loranger, UPS Dir of Flight Ops Karen Lee and ITT VP NextGen Air Transportation Systems John Kefaliotis.

FAA Acting FAA Administrator Bobby Sturgell remarked, "We see first-hand tonight what collaboration and partnership between government and industry can do-and it's important to maintain those relationships." ADS-B will provide traffic and weather data to the cockpit, and is expected to reduce by half the number of radar-based traffic facilities in the future.

Many of the concepts of ADS-B have been developed and validated in Alaska under the Capstone program. Elements of the ADS-B system are now operating in several parts of the continental US--they include traffic information service-broadcast (TIS-B) and flight information service-broadcast (FIS-B).

(L-R) AFS 400 team. ADS-B Program Lead Pat Zelechoski, Safety Inspector Gary Livack, FAA Acting Assistant Division Mgr Les Smith and Mgr John McGraw.

These systems provide data such as traffic for situational awareness and weather in text and graphical forms, Notams, ATIS and other data. ADS-B will be the main element in NextGen airspace by 2020. --Glenn Connor


Cessna reports that it has received type certification from FAA for the Citation XLS+. Certification was granted after completion of nearly 600 hrs of flight testing. Citation XLS+ is equipped with a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite and powered by 2 FADEC controlled Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545Cs. The XLS+ is an upgraded version of the Citation XLS, which was first delivered in Jul 2004 and was an outgrowth of the Citation Excel. Since its market introduction in 1998, Cessna has delivered nearly 650 Excel/XLS models.

Bombardier has announced an order for 110 Learjet 60XRs worth potentially around US$1.5 billion to an undisclosed European customer. The company says the transaction includes 25 firm orders, worth US$340 million, and a further 85 conditional orders worth another US$1.16 billion. The value of the orders is based on the price of a typically-equipped Learjet 60XR at current pricing. Deliveries are to begin in 2009.

Hawker Beechcraft Corp (HBC) received FAA type certification and a production certificate for its Hawker 4000 supermidsize business jet on Jun 12, and says it expected to begin deliveries before the end of that month. In a recent earnings report, the company said it has a backlog of more than 120 orders for the Hawker 4000. HBC Chairman & CEO Jim Schuster prepares to hand over the 1st customer aircraft to Gary and Donna Hall at the HBC customer delivery center in Wichita KS on Jun 18.

Eclipse Aviation reports that FAA has issued an airworthiness directive on the Eclipse 500 requiring inspection of the throttle quadrant. The AD follows an emergency landing at MDW (Midway, Chicago IL) on Jun 5. There were no injuries and the aircraft was not damaged. The pilot of the Eclipse 500 reportedly initiated a go-around after a windshear encounter on final approach. An apparently forceful application of power resulted in what the company describes as "exceedance of design limits," leaving the aircraft's engines at full power and no longer responsive to inputs from the electronic throttle. When the pilot shut down one engine, the second engine inexplicably went to idle. The pilot was able to land. Eclipse reports that by Jun 13 the entire fleet of Eclipse 500s had been inspected and returned to service. The manufacturer has issued updates to the AFM and the aircraft's quick reference handbook detailing procedures for dealing with a similar occurrence.

Emirates Investment & Development Company (Emivest) of Dubai, UAE has acquired an 80% share of Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation (SSAC) of San Antonio TX. Emivest says the purchase will allow SSAC to begin full-scale production of the company's SJ30-2 light business jet. The SJ30-2 received FAA type certification in 2005, but only 2 aircraft have been delivered to date. Production has reportedly been stalled for lack of funding. Emivest is a diversified investment company. SSAC is its first acquisition of a US company and its first venture in business aviation. Taiwan Aerospace Investment Corp, which previously held controlling interest in SSAC, has retained a 20% share of the start-up jet manufacturer.

Cessna reports receiving an order for 9 Citations worth $87 million from Execaire at the recent Canadian Business Aviation Assn (CBAA) convention in Toronto ON. The order consists of 4 Mustangs, 2 XLS+ and 3 Sovereigns. Deliveries are slated to begin in 2010. Execaire, headquartered at YYZ (Pearson, Toronto ON, Canada) is a Cessna sales outlet, parts distributor and Citation Service Center.



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