Helicopter CFIT in lake.
PIC: Comm.
Near Torino, Italy.
Sikorsky S64F. Prelim report (2 injured).

A Sikorsky S64F received substantial damage when it collided with the water on the afternoon of Jun 1 in Lago Aviguana, near Torino, Italy. The flight had originated from LIMA (Aeritalia, Torino, Italy). VMC prevailed at the time. Just prior to the accident, the pilot was in cruise flight conducting an aerial firefighting demonstration. According to Italy's National Agency for Flight Safety (ANSV), the helicopter was between 40 and 50 kts conducting a "dynamic scoop," when the pilot inadvertently descended into the lake. No mechanical problems with the helicopter were reported prior to the accident.

Uncommanded max thrust.
PIC: ATP, Part 91.
MDW (Midway, Chicago IL).
Eclipse 500.
Prelim report (no injuries).

On the afternoon of Jun 5, the engines of an Eclipse 500 went to an uncommanded maximum-power setting while landing on Rwy 22R at MDW (Midway, Chicago IL). The pilot flying stated that he encountered a 10 to 15-kt windshear shortly after crossing the runway threshold during his initial approach to land. A high sink rate developed and the pilot added power to arrest the descent. In his statement he noted that, after touchdown, he began to apply the brakes lightly when he noticed that the aircraft was accelerating rapidly through 100 kts with the engines at maximum power.

At this point the pilots performed a go-around and declared an emergency. Both pilots stated that, as the airplane climbed out, the crew alerting system (CAS) displayed "L Eng Control Fail" and "R Eng Control Fail." After referring to the quick reference handbook for emergency procedures, the crew shut down the right engine on base leg. The left engine went to flight idle and the crew encountered a total loss of thrust control. The pilot then performed a successful forced landing on Rwy 22R. The aircraft's computer memory was downloaded and is being analyzed.

Night EMS helicopter loss.
PIC: Not reported, Part 135.
Huntsville TX.
Bell 407.
Prelim report (4 killed).

During the early morning of Jun 8, a Bell 407 was destroyed when it hit a heavily forested area in the Sam Houston National Forest near Huntsville TX. The helicopter was on a night air ambulance flight during an interhospital transfer and was equipped with an OuterLink satellite-based GPS tracking system. According to the system, the aircraft departed the hospital at 0246 and flew at an altitude of 1016 ft msl and 106 kts. The pilot did not radio in for the 0300 position report. UTS (Huntsville TX), elevation 363 ft msl, was the closest weather reporting station, with a 0235 Metar report of 10 miles visibility, sky condition 1200 scattered, wind variable at 6 kts. The wreckage was located the next morning by aerial search-and-rescue teams at 0830 with the aid of the aircraft's emergency locator transmitter.

External load CFIT.
PIC: Comm, Part 133.
Chickaloon AK. Eurocopter AS350BA.
Prelim report (no injuries).

On the morning of Jun 23, about 40 miles east of Chickaloon AK on the Matanuska Glacier, a Eurocopter AS-350BA sustained substantial damage when it collided with snow-covered terrain while performing an external load at 8500 ft msl. VMC prevailed at the time. According to NTSB, the operator reported the pilot had a 400-lb external load he was delivering to a remote camp site. The pilot stated that during the approach he descended into his own rotor vortex and collided with the snow. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reports constitute the primary source materials for Professional Pilot Accident Recaps.