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Jeppesen working with Bose. Jeppesen has teamed with Bose to provide automatic audio warnings within its Mobile FliteDeck VFR application that can be transmitted via Bluetooth to the pilot's Bose A20 headset. This capability will allow pilots to receive real-time critical airspace and waypoint audio warnings. Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck VFR is available for a free download and trial phase through the App Store or at www.itunes.com/appstore/.


1- Equipped with a high inertia rotor that provides autorotation capability.
2- Proven Turbomeca Arrius 2R Engine. Dual Channel FADEC with backup. Mx program with 3000 hr TBO.
3- Equipped with co-pilot side 75/25 split clamshell doors. Easy in/out for pax and loading of large object..
4- Proven drive system & engine. Incorporates well proven 206L4 rotor & drive system, known for its reliability, performance and maintainability.
5-Bell 505 can be optionally equipped with a 1500 lb cargo hook to perform utility operations.

Bell targets Q4 for first 505 delivery. Bell Helicopter will soon begin converting LoIs into firm orders for the 505 Jet Ranger X light single. Bell has collected more than 380 tentative commitments. Aircraft has max cruise speed of 125+ its, 1500 lbs useful payload and room for 2 pilots and 3 paxs in the cabin. It comes equipped with a Garmin G1000H avionics suite. Synthetic vision, terrain avoidance warning and traffic advisory are optional upgrades.


GE has received FAA approval for the 1st 3D-printed part to fly in a commercial jet engine. Part is a bit obscure—it houses the compressor inlet temp sensor inside a jet engine—but it's the symbol of a new era in jet engine design. GE has already started flight tests with the next-generation LEAP jet engine which holds 19 3-D printed fuel nozzles (engine pictured here). This model of a GenX jet engine uses a technique called direct metal laser melting. It's estimated 3D printed parts will be 25% lighter which will help fuel efficiency.


Gulfstream GIV-SP with Honeywell PlaneDeck now approved for synthetic vision installation. Synthetic vision provides a 3-D color image of runways, terrain and obstacles and provides a clear view of the virtual flight path. Synthetic vision comes standard on G650/G650ER a/c and is an option on the G550, G450 and G280 models.

Photo is of PlaneView with synthetic vision on G280.


Embraer Legacy 450 approved to operate charter out of LFTZ. Legacy 450 is now the largest business jet approved to provide charter air service from LFTZ (St Tropez France). This airport has challenging runway, terrain, and traffic conditions forcing aircraft to meet strict performance requirements.



Do you know what models the aircraft are below just from the outlines shown? Click here to find answers.


No more touchdown autorotations in CFI practical test. FAA is no longer requiring applicants for the helicopter flight instructor certificate to demonstrate straight-in or 180-degree touchdown autorotations during the practical test. Designated examiner may accept a logbook endorsement by a current and appropriately-rated CFI who provided the training. Action is taken because accidents have occurred during past practical tests.



Look over the Spring tasting menu at Air Gourmet. Providing inflight catering at Los Angeles-area and Las Vegas Airports.
Visit air-gourmet.com for more info.



Beware of cognitive bias in decision making

Piloting is sometimes about making split-second decisions in the cockpit. Cognitive biases are in the subconscious and sometimes overshadow factual information and cause dangerous or poor judgement decisions. Tori Williams has isolated 4 specific types of bias:
Attention—humans pay more attention to things that have an emotional aspect to them. Past experiences play strongly into decision making.
Confirmation—ignoring or misinterpreting information that doesn't conform to pilot's preconceived idea.
Gambler's Fallacy—believing in the same streak of luck, or that luck will change because one is "due."
Clustering Illusion—seeing patterns where none exist.
Read full post at https//blog.globalair.com/post/Avoiding-Cognitive-Biases-in-Aviation.aspx.


Raisbeck obtains DGAC approval of its new King Air 350 Propeller for installations in Mexico. Mexico's Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC) has validated the FAA STC for Raisbeck's Swept Blade Turbofan Propellers for the King Air 350. These propellers provide increase thrust while reducing cabin noise levels during flight. Improvements noticeable to pilots include takeoff acceleration, single and twin-engine climb to altitude and landing performance.


Trine Aero COS (Colorado Spgs CO) refines focus on legacy airframes. Coming off an A to D inspection of a Lear 55, a Phase A1-6 on a Lear 35 and a 2A+ on Falcon 20, Trine Aero has refined its focus on legacy airframes. GM of Trine Aero Andy Olson said, "We have developed a deep range of capabilities for these airframes including mx, avionics installs, RVSM certs and much more."



Caracas Venezuela is the most dangerous city in the world. Rating is determined by 2015 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. Out of 30 million people in the country, there were 24,980 homicides throughout Venezuela. Over 90% of crimes were unsolved. For visitors to Caracas, street crime and home invasion numbers are up in tourist areas. Criminals are using grenades and assault rifles to commit crimes at banks, shopping malls, public transportation stations and universities. Express kidnappings have become the rage where a victim is held while associates gather as much money as possible for a quick release. Petroleum manufacturing accounts for 50% of Venezuela's GDP and about 95% of total exports. Add to that an unsettled political situation and that's why experts believe the country has 3 cities in the top 10 list. (Ranking is reported in a study released by the Council for Public Security & Criminal Justice based in Mexico City. Additional information from FAM Intl.)

Top 10 most dangerous cities:
1. Caracas, Venezuela
2. San Pedro Sula, Honduras
3. San Salvador, El Salvador
4. Acapulco, Mexico
5. Maturin, Venezuela
6. Distrito Central, Honduras
7. Valencia, Venezuela
8. Palmira, Colombia
9. Cape Town, South Africa
10. Cali, Colombia
By country:
21 in Brazil
8 in Venezuela
5 in Mexico
4 in US (St Louis, Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans)
4 in South Africa
3 in Colombia
2 in Honduras
1 in Jamaica
1 in Guatemala
1 in El Salvador

Entire list of top 50: http://www.worldatlas.com/articles/most-dangerous-cities-in-the-world.html.

Top 3 in Europe: Rotterdam, Netherlands—Lodz, Poland—Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom. (List based on actual crime rates.)


ARGUS reports flight activity in the US, the Caribbean and Canada is up 3.0% in Q1 compared to same time period in 2015.
March 2016 to Feb 2016 flight activity is up 9.8% overall. Fractional turboprop flights lead the way with an increase of 22.2%.
March 2016 to March 2015 comparison shows a modest gain of 3% total increase in activity. Part 135 turboprop flights are the best mover at a gain of 12.9%. TRAQPk data tracks arrival and departure info on IFR flights for Pt 91, Pt 135 and Fractional segments, flying turboprops, small-cabin jets, midsize-cabin jets, large-cabin jets.

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Picture the dichotomy of a 1000-year old Buddhist Temple designed to isolate monks—where today monks and apprentices are reaching out using modern apps. At the Longquan Temple (Dragon Spring) in Beijing, monks have built a robot named Xian'er who sends out info through the Chinese messaging app Wetchat. Many of the Temple's apprentice monks carry PhDs in applied technology. Video at: http://qz.com/671729/a-chinese-temple-built-a-robot-monk-to-spread-the-teachings-of-buddhism.

In the small village of Acciaroli located in the south of Italy along the Mediterranean, about 1/3 of inhabitants are more than 100 years old. Scientists believe the keys are good genes and good diet. Eat anchovies every meal and rosemary in almost everything—a glass of good Italian wine every day—and a heavy dash of leisure with friends.

Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin has a Unified Space Vision for a permanent settlement on Mars. Here's the timeline: Robots would erect habitation buildings in 2028. Astronauts will land on moon Phobos around 2034 and then transfer to the surface of Mars. Every 4 1/2 yrs up to 9 new inhabitants will land and enlarge the population. "In my opinion there is no more convincing way to demonstrate American leadership….than to commit to a presence on Mars," said the 2nd man to walk on the moon.


The legal landscape of the drone industry. An interview with Lisa Ellman, partner at Hogan Lovells in Washington DC and co-chair of Hogan Lovells' Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Group, recently discussed the seemingly confusing legal landscape of the drone industry. Ellman notes that the FAA estimates by 2020 there will be 11 million commercial drones sold in the US. Polls have demonstrated that the American people are more concerned about privacy than safety with regard to drones. "All drone operators should know that, regardless of whether it makes sense or not, federal aviation laws apply to them," said Ellman. If a drone is being operated for commercial purposes, operator must have a Certificate of Authorization (COA), an exemption or airworthiness certificate and a civil aircraft COA to meet FAA requirements.


Schiebel's Camcopter S100 UAS identifies objects in icy winter conditions. Schiebel Camcopter S100 successfully demonstrated its versatility and integrity by guiding the CCGS George R. Perarkes, a light icebreaker, through hostile maritime conditions. The VTOL air vehicle coupled with the Wescam MX10S enhanced situational awareness by transmitting real time footage to the ships bridge. Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, explained, "This trial is an important step forward to enhancing our operations by using UAV technology."

Atlantic opens first dedicated corporate hangar at LAX. Atlantic Av unveiled its 37,000 sq ft hangar at LAX along with 5,000 sq ft of additional office space. With a 28 ft door height, the hangar can hold up to 5 Gulfstreams or Globals. Construction of the hangar was close to $9M. Regional VP of Ops Steve Hirschfeld says, "This hangar fills an obvious need in the Los Angeles and surrounding area."



Rodney Wysong Rodney Wysong, shown here with his Dad Steve, flew west in April after a 3-yr battle with brain cancer. In his 35 years of life, he helped grow the family business—Wysong Enterprises—from a small avionics shop to a world-renowned helicopter completion center. He had also recently been recognized as one of the 40 Most Influential People Under 40 Award in the Tri-Cities Region of Tennessee and Virginia.


For 2016, 20 students earn Karen K Duncan scholarships. Supporting local communities is 1 of Duncan's core values. Each year Duncan provides up to $4000 per student to be used towards their college education. Each recipient is the son or daughter of a Duncan employee.


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